Monkey Tales

Out on: BMSS Records


Once Upon A Time...

Able's Journey

The Blue Magnetic

Gathering Of The Douroucoulis

Call Of The MonKat (feat. Mariposa)

Hanguman Sunrise (feat. Daniel Waples)

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Sephira proudly presents his first release on BMSS Records, Monkey Tales. A collection of stories told from a timeless space, where magic meets curiosity to create an emotional pilgrimage. One that starts, like many other good tales, with Once Upon A Time… Moving through playful spaces and the night of the jungle you reach a sunrise, signalling your journeys end and an opportunity to reflect on your experience and it’s personal meaning. In truth, you are the story teller, you always have been.

released 28 October 2014
All tracks written and produced by Matthew Crick.
Mastered by Colin Bennun @ The Stooodio
Cello on Track 5 played by Kat De La Mare.
Hang on Track 6 played by Daniel Waples
Geometry artwork by Lily A. Seidel – lilyas.deviantart.com


Release: seph002

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