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  • Monkey Tales 

    I proudly present my first release on BMSS Records, Monkey Tales.
    A collection of stories told from a timeless space, where magic meets curiosity to create an emotional pilgrimage. One that starts, like many other good tales, with Once Upon A Time… Moving through playful spaces and the night of the jungle you reach a sunrise, signalling your journeys end and an opportunity to reflect on your experience and it's personal meaning. In truth, you are the story teller, you always have been.

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  • Imagination In Motion (2011)
    >>  Download Here
    Monkey Tales (2014)
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  • Our Eyes (sephira remix) The 3rd Drink Serentiy Salutations To The Planets (sephira remix) First Boost (Sephira Remix)


  • Take a trip or two into the world of psychedelic chillout.

  • My name is Matthew Crick and I live on the island of jersey. I started producing music around 2005 and released my first album in 2011. I thoroughly love the psycehdelic chillout scene for all its variety, colour, inspiration and the beautiful people that it encompasses.

    I also offer a variety of audio related services, details of which can be found on my other website: Please feel free to get in touch about bookings, audio projects, remixes or just to say hello

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